Personal Healing Mandalas

A very special painting to support your intentions & heart's desires. Includes energy & intuitive messages.
They are also popular for gifts and business logos.

This personal painting commission was developed for those desiring a more abstract style painting. The mandala may be commissioned to support you with one or two intentions or heart's desires, as a personal power painting, gift or business logo.

After an initial consultation with you, the color, imagery and symbols of your mandala are gathered intuitively, using clairvoyant vision and 'listening' to your unique spirit. These continue to be revealed to me during the process of creating your painting.

Your painting is a touchstone of reconnection to your empowered energy, intentions and inner spirit.

Your commission includes:

*An original painting holding unique energy, gifts colors & power symbols specifically just for you and your intentions.

*Description of any intuitive messages, meanings of the imagery, symbols and colors in your painting.

*Energy medicine, each time I sit to work on your painting.

*Initial phone consultation (optional, if this is a surprise gift for someone) and optional follow up phone conversation after you receive your painting.

*Shipping within the USA included

Please CONTACT ME to discuss your painting and get on my schedule. A great gift for yourself or a special someone. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Each painting will support each individual in a unique way. One client's insomnia left once she hung her painting above her bed (I didn't even know she had insomnia.). Another finds that as she works with her clients, she'll gaze at her painting and information will come through to her, facillitating her work. I trust this process and know that your painting will have gifts for you too.


Does my Personal Mandala stay the same for the rest of my life?
*Your mandala painting will always hold a positive vibration for you. The mandalas may be created for specific intentions and support for you and so you may wish to commission more than one.

Can I order a Personal Healing Mandala for a friend or family member?
Sure! I am happy to talk with you about this and send you a gift certificate if desired.

How do I order a Personal Healing Mandala painting?
Please contact me by phone or email to start the process.

How long will it take to receive my painting?
This depends on my current schedule and number of commissions. Typical time to completion is 1-3 months. If there is a wait list, it could take longer. Contact me if you'd like a time estimate before ordering.

Payment Plan:
The payment plan divides your commission cost into 3 monthly payments.

Commission Terms:
Shipping within the USA is included. I'm happy to ship outside the USA if you would like to pay the additional shipping fees. No refunds (I've never been asked for one! ) Rates listed are for personal use. For business use options, contact me.

Patty Alfonso mandala by Beth Budesheim Healing Mandala by Beth Budesheim


Healing Mandala

Healing Mandala by Beth Budesheim

mandala commission, spirit painting

healing mandala spirit painting

Healing Mandala by Beth Budesheim

Healing Mandala by Beth Budesheim

Illuminated Mandala©Beth Budesheim


"Hi Beth,
I just want to let you know that your mandala's are exquisite.  WOW! Incredible I can feel the healing energy stirring within...they are awesome." ~RP



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A Each personal mandala painting is different and unique to the individual. This personal painting commission was developed by me as an abstract alternative to the Goddess Energy Portraits. After discussing with you your current intentions (ie..desire for greater health, romance..etc), the color, imagery and symbols of the mandala are gathered intuitively for you using clairvoyant vision and 'listening' to your unique spirit. These paintings are similar to what others call Spirit Paintings or Soul Paintings.