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"When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." ~ John O'Donohue

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Guided Journey Art Projects created & facilitated by Beth. The Art Rituals are like a massage for the Soul. It's time for reconnecting with yourSelf, accessing inner wisdom, getting your creative juices flowing, making art, clearing & aligning your energy and destressing, so you can be your radiant self. Care is taken to create a supportive, creative, gentle, heartful, healing & soulful environment in each Art Ritual™ , and these are the qualities to bring towards yourself as well.

In each session, you will connect with clarity, creativity, self healing potential, meaningful insights, inner resources, and healing around a certain theme. Then you will bring what you've accessed into form, presence & embodiment, through an intentionally designed Art Ritual. This is energy shifting & art as medicine.

You will be creating your art, but artistic experience is not required. You can do this!

Art Rituals® with Beth Budesheim Your Inner Compass Art Ritual with Beth Budesheim
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Healing Art Rituals® with Beth Budesheim

Being Your Radiance Art Ritual®

Guided journey and art project with Beth Budesheim to facilitate connection, creativity, healing and radiance.What does that part of you that knows your true radiance and potential, have to share with you?

*90 minute online video recording to watch at your convenience

*IMPORTANT*: You may need to pause the recording and watch the demonstation videos via the links in the chat box (this will make sense).

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Healing Art Sessions with Beth Budesheim

Your Inner Compass Part 1 Art Ritual®

Guided journey and art project facilitating an intimate conversation with your own inner compass, that wise place within you that guides and empowers you to discern and choose what is uniquely right for you.

*60 minute online video recording to watch at your convenience

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Healing Art Sessions with Beth Budesheim

Your Inner Compass Part 2 Art Ritual®

Prerequisite: Part One. Building from Part 1, connect with more of your personal guidance system and open the pathways to more clarity, intuitive connection & well-being.

*90 minute online video recording to watch at your convenience

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ROOT CHAKRA © Beth BudesheimNavel Chakra © Beth BudesheimSolar Plexus © Beth BudesheimHeart Chakra Art Ritual® with Beth Budesheim
Chakra Art Rituals

At this time, the Chakra Art Rituals are only available as part of the Chakra Intuitive Intensive program. (update 8/21/13~ This might be changing real soon!) Click image to learn more:

Chakra Intuitive Intensive with Beth Budesheim


HOW TO ATTEND A SESSION: Register at LearnItLive by using the links.

ATTENDING THE RECORDED SESSION: If you are not able to make the live session, you may still register and then watch the recording at a time convenient for you.

WHAT TO EXPECT THE DAY OF THE EVENT: Sacred space, depth, intuition, fun, acceptance, warmth, and creative play. Information about the theme/intention, including intuitive messages, will be shared to open the energy and our connection with ourselves & the gifts available to us. A guided healing visualization will connect you more deeply to your inner wisdom, the healing & clearing energy, and assistance available within you. The process for the art piece will be shared through video, there will be time for questions, and a one to 1.5 hour break to create and play. After the break, we will regather for additional instructions, blessings, Q&A, intuitive message and closing.

SUPPLIES: Some simple art materials will be all you need. You may even already have them around the house! They are the same for most of the Art Rituals®: heavy paper, crayola markers, pencil, eraser, scissors..etc. View a full list HERE. In addition to those listed, you are more than welcome to use whatever additional favorite materials you'd like for creating your art piece: stickers, paint, glitter..etc CLICK HERE for pre-filled shopping cart to make gathering your supplies easy or click the image below. - Online Art Supplies 

Reviews & Accolades

"Wowsome! Beth gave soooo much with this very beneficial class she shared with us. What more could one ask for than receiving your own empowering self-symbol to move you forward with whatever you need. Thanks Beth! "~Faith

"Art Ritual is AWESOME! What a super fun experience. I enjoyed your guidance in imagery and the fabulous depth of thought and care you gave. Integrating art into a ritual is something that I have never consciously done before. It has always been my passion to paint and create, yet as a mom of many it is so challenging to find time. This was a baby step for me to reconnect with me. It was easy and meaningful, and the ideas and tools you offered were simplistic and inspiring. I also want to comment about how radiant and graceful you are as a teacher. Thank you for all the work that you have done, all your teachings and powerful healing energy, and all that you generously give and gift. I look forward to joining in another Art Ritual® with you, and I support your idea to have more time and carry it into a two day process. :) Thanks Beth." ~ Faye L., K.C, MO

"Art Ritual with Beth Budesheim-Being Your Radiant Self . The class was wonderful! I especially liked the guided meditation and the art project we created. I have never allowed myself time to draw or paint because I never thought I could. Beth created an environment through her teaching where I felt free to try. I love my artwork and look forward to performing the art ritual!" ~ Debbie S., TX

Art Rituals® © Beth Budesheim 2011

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